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We have an integral and professional vision of security, delivering award-winning, multi-technology solutions for the public and private sectors. We are recognised across the continent as technical leaders in the field.

camaras Monitoring with IP, analog and thermal cameras that allow for identification during or after incidents.
control de acceso System that allows for controlling access to the premises using biometric identification (fingerprint, palm, or iris readers) and proximity cards.
control de visitantes Software based record for monitoring visitor entry to the premises, entering their basic information, photograph and fingerprint.
deteccion de incendio (1) Integration of thermal, smoke, photoelectric, and flood detection devices, among others, with the capacity to cover the needs for any type of incident.
deteccion de explosivosIntegración de dispositivos de detección térmica, humo, fotoeléctrico de inundación entre otros, capaces de cubrir las necesidades de cualquier incidente.
rayos x (1)X-Ray equipment that facilitate the production of exceptional images while swiftly inspecting both small and large objects.
centro de monitoreoIntegration of several technologies over common platforms that facilitate monitoring and management.