ROBOTEC has over 15 years of experience developing biometric solutions, having implemented projects of regional importance using face, fingerprint and iris recognition technology.

Combining our own and third-party technologies, Robotec has the capacity to implement any type of biometric project with minimal development and implementation times, compared to the market standard.

reconocimiento facial

Robotec implements advanced face recognition systems which allow for the identification of individuals in either public or private spaces by means of high-resolution cameras and biometric engines. .
reconocimiento huella dactilar Robotec has implemented fingerprint recognition systems since the year 2002, managing databases of up to 8 million fingerprints. We manage large and small scale systems for any industry and application.
reconocimiento iris (1) Biometric identification using the iris for scenarios or populations for which fingerprint recognition is difficult.
sistema de desarrollo Understanding that the realities of the modern world increasingly require realistic mechanisms to uniquely identify individuals, Robotec develops platforms that allow customer to integrate in minutes all the functions of Multifactor Biometrics onto any commercially available or bespoke software at a fraction of the cost of a conventional project, and maximising the possibility for success.